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Hey there,

I'm Carissa! A lifestyle & elopement photographer based in Oregon. My passion in life is to photograph the REAL kind of love, the sometimes ungraceful & messy, always beautiful, authentic LOVE. The kind of love that makes you ugly cry & double chin smile. Those are the moments I strive to capture. Chances are if we end up working together I won't be just taking your photos. I want to be there for you two 110%. Fluffing your dress, fixing your tie, holder of all things, bad joke teller, that's me! I welcome ALL types of love, everyone is welcome here!

When I'm not photographing you babes I'm usually hanging out with my husband, Brent  & our sweet, sweet little one; Miles & our two dogs (Lucy & Niko) & two cats (Archie & Asparagus). Below are a few more facts about me! 

If anything resonates with you, let's chat & be friends!

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more things I 


+Veronica Mars, The Office, Broad City



+Vintage Photos

+Piano & Music

+65 degree days 

+Golden hour & Blue hour